Featured Writings

On the Defensive
The collapse of Louisiana’s public defender system and America’s failure to uphold the Sixth Amendment.
The Atlantic, June 2016

The Crimes of Children
Juvenile courts were invented to bury youthful error “in the graveyard of the forgotten past.” They don’t.
The Atlantic, August 2015

The 43-year Kidney
An essay on my uncle and organ transplantation.
The University of Chicago Magazine, January/February 2015

Redefining the Second
These new atomic clocks are amazingly precise.
The New Yorker, January 2014

The Pursuit of Shadows
A meditation on clouds, feat. the World Meteorological Organisation and the Cloud Committee.
Orion Magazine, February 2014

Of Mice and Micro-Organs
A new way to test pharmaceuticals: grow little organs in a lab, and then stitch them together into a miniature lab-grown human-on-a-chip.
The New Yorker, November 2013

Elegiac Images from North Dakota’s Boom
The New York Times, February 2013

Counting the Vanishing Bees
The New York Times, January 2013

From Radiation to Smog, Numbers for the Public
The New York Times, October 2012

The Baffling Nexus of Climate Change and Health
The New York Times, September 2012

Tsunami Debris Strains Budgets and Patience
The New York Times, August 2012

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