Tasing gone wild

This article is old now, but still gripping, emotionally powerful, and intensely disturbing. Police aren't trained to use tasers properly in part because the company that manufactures tasers doesn't tell them everything they need to know. One of the most striking aspects of this piece is the decision to tell the story from the perspective … Continue reading Tasing gone wild

Put a map on it

An interesting new website from the National Center for Juvenile Justice went up yesterday: Juvenile Justice "GPS". Only one of the tools -- jurisdictional boundaries -- is currently online, but the other five are scheduled for release this summer and fall. They are juvenile defense, racial/ethnic fairness, juvenile justice services, status offense issues, and systems integration. The idea: make it easy to … Continue reading Put a map on it

One thought on an “Official Registry of Idiots”

Lifetime placement on a sex offender registry is one of many "collateral consequence of criminal conviction." It is not formally associated with criminal sentencing, and it falls outside the purview of our judicial system. Our courts recognize collateral consequences as civil, rather than criminal, penalties. They are considered, somewhat oddly, "non-punitive." There is a long … Continue reading One thought on an “Official Registry of Idiots”

What are the numbers on climate change, again?

The Office of Management and Budget is revising the social cost of carbon, and the gates are open for public comment. Go on! Contribute if you have an idea about how much climate change might cost, in a social sense.Tough question.The figure gets plugged into all kinds of benefit-cost analyses -- today's imprimatur of efficaciousness … Continue reading What are the numbers on climate change, again?